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July Update

July 5, 2017

As we approach July, I wanted to introduce what the Lord has laid on my heart concerning outreach. It’s something that each one of us can do in one way or another.

G.R.O.W stands for Go Reach our World and is our new Visitation/Outreach Model. Whether we feel like outreach is our Spiritual gift or not, we are commanded to Go into the World

G.R.O.W. is very easy way for each of us to get involved in Outreach through our Local Church.


Here is how it will work:

Each week we will have a different G.R.O.W. team be responsible for our outreach. We will need a Team Leader or Leaders. Team leaders will encourage the team to make the calls/ visits that the church will have ready to go.

You will not have to do any type of Outreach that you are not comfortable doing.

We will have several different types of Calls:
* First Time Visitors
*Hospital/Nursing Home
*Encouraging: We Care Contacts
*New Residents
*Some of these can be done through Phone calls, Cards, Email, or Facebook.


So, how will it work? We offer the visits in the office that you can pick up. You can take as many as you like, Make the calls, and then write that they have been made with response, and any additional info. You can also add new cards for those you would like contacted or new prospects you might come across. You can be on one team or be on many. All we are looking for are those willing to give at least some time once a month and make a difference. If we are all Going, we will all be Growing.

If you would like to be a Grow Leader see the Pastor,


Sign- ups for teams will be in the Lobby.


 Pastor Tim




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