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My First Month

It is National Day of Prayer and I am sitting here roughly one month into my Ministry at Crestview. I have never written a blog and so this is all new to me. Bro. Ed asked me yesterday asked me was I thought about my time so far, so I decided to tell you all.

I think that God is good and that He has placed me here to do His work. I also beleive He has placed you here to do that work with me. Perhaps you are reading this as a member, or a visitor to our church. Perhaps you are in a different church, whatever the case the Lord has called each of us as believers to Work till He comes.

Truly there is a great harvest out there, but every farmer has many different tools to reap that Harvest. As I approach the start of my ministry here, I am looking for fellow farmers to bring their tools as we reach all different people's at all different ages for the cause of Christ.

What tools do you have ready to share? What part are you ready to play? God is ready to do something now we have to be willing to be a part of it.

Let's pray for our ministry today, and what part that the Lord wants me to do it.

Pastor Tim

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